Outreach allows similar organizations to connect with like-minded businesses with a common agenda. Participating in events and having a face-to-face experience with the company and its supporters. These connections are critical to the growth of a business. It allows them to build new partnerships or their employees and customer bases. Outreach can happen in various ways, but most commonly at events, where businesses are offered the opportunity to meet and learn about other companies and the opportunities they provide. Attending a corporate outreach event will not only lead you to other organizations like your own but allows you to promote and market your brand or business. We offer all those opportunities, but with one key difference. Impact the Weekend is not just an opportunity to connect with other companies. We provide the opportunity to volunteer, help your community, connect with companies and customers all at once. You might just find yourself working with other businesses one day, marketing to potential customers the next, and then bonding with your target market’s community the day after! Tackling, balancing, and connecting with other businesses, potential customers, and their communities can prove a challenge, but with Impact the Weekend, you have the opportunity to do all three. Ready to impact your outreach? Check out our networking opportunities here, or our marketing opportunities here! Happy impacting!

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