Impact Returns Growth Diversity In Business


Speakers & Workshops

Our main goal is to educate and entertain. We are going to provide marquee workshops and seminars from dynamic speakers you heard of and several that you needed to have heard of.


Themed Social Engagements

The opposition of inclusion and diversity will be well demonstrated with our themed happy hour events. Each Happy Hour will provide an inviting atmosphere and some interesting order of events. Don't miss it!


Sponsorship Opportunities

What is an event without great sponsorships? Our valued sponsors will experience a second to none experience and offerings that will only grow and magnify their messaging and presence.


Vendorships Available

We want to not only provide vendor ship opportunities but provide an adaptable protocol for vendors to maximize their visibility and traffic before, during and well after an ITW Experience.


Minutes of Direct Audience Engagement

That is a lot of hours to consume but we will provide an elite production that can be consumed for years to come. Planned programming for hours upon hours.


Podcast Sessions

We aren't looking to pod just to pod! We will provide the opportunity to create entertainment, education and many many sound bites for our audience and our particpating podders!

Corporate Impact

Our platform provides business leaders with the opportunity to get the greatest return they can have: a return to their community


Reach a crowd of fresh faces.


Expose your company to a whole new world.


Leave an impact on your industry.


Diversify your company with Impact the Weekend.


Grow your company with Impact the Weekend's key speakers, presenters, and podcasts.


Be entertained by our variety of fantastic performers and speakers!

Digital Streaming

Can't attend? Get registered for all live streamed events.

Virtual Reality

Utilizing VR in innovative ways. Limits don't exist.


What's an event without a good pod? Join the live audience.


Vendors can customize your small business display.


Interested in becoming a sponsor? Learn how to become one today!

Host Beneficiaries

Become a valued affiliate today. Good hosts are hard to find!

Platform Emphasis...

icon titled "Inspiration"

Inspired by the Selfless

Icon titled "empowerment"

Diversity is Empowering

icon titled "inclusivity"

Inclusivity is an us thing!

Icon titled "acceleration"

Education accelerates!

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