As a large, multi-day festival, we are doing everything we can to ensure that our festival complies with the rules and regulations of the cities that host us. Want to learn what we are doing to follow said regulations in your town? Click here for more information!



Inclusion is what we are programmed to want to feel as humans. We seek to feel included in everything we do. Inclusion can make us feel at home or a part of something greater than just ourselves. Through Impact the Weekend, we strive to include everyone in a way that impacts them and the whole…


At Impact the Weekend, you are sure to learn from our many learning activities. We have plenty of conferences and classes to help you and your business. We have plenty of tools and resources for you to accelerate your company’s growth. Click here to learn more about our speakers, and here for our workshops!


Inclusivity is the quality of including many different types of people. For businesses, it is vital to be inclusive and diverse to find great success. At Impact the Weekend, you will learn the benefits of inclusion and even see firsthand We want to impact you and the world. Join us by clicking here for more…


Empowerment isn’t something we are simply born with; empowerment is something you earn. At Impact the Weekend, we are empowering you and building up the communities around you too! Looking to empower yourself? Check out our ticket opportunities here!


Inspiration isn’t something that just happens; it’s created! At Impact The Weekend, we work towards creating this inspiration every step of the way. From our products to our vendors themselves. We work to inspire current and future generations to be the best they can be to leave an impact on everything you touch. Ready to…


One of the hardest things to do as a business is actually getting yourself out there. Getting the public一or other businesses一to notice you is where many small businesses fail. Exposure is key as it gives people the opportunity to look further into the business and its values. It proves itself necessary to the functioning of…


Outreach allows similar organizations to connect with like-minded businesses with a common agenda. Participating in events and having a face-to-face experience with the company and its supporters. These connections are critical to the growth of a business. It allows them to build new partnerships or their employees and customer bases. Outreach can happen in various…


Everyone wants to make an impact on someone, but few realize the way that they are actually impacting themselves along the way. Join us, and be a part of something greater than yourself in supporting a community in need by doing anything from donations to environmental clean-up, all while having a great time along the…