Our platform champions an inclusive initiative to connect multiple industries and cultures without bias for social gain. These experiences will provide an array of market growth opportunities & solutions, trigger brand & social engagement and create an impact with a return for our partners, network members, sponsors & essential vendors.

How We Will #MakeAnImpact

1 Day Socials Series

This one-day-only event centers around social networking and the promotion of new ideas among local and national executives forming better initiatives for their brand’s impact on the local community while simultaneously enjoying exciting new experiences.  Leave the day with unique skillsets, new contacts, business and knowledge to spark further innovation to your network and brand.

Laila's Love Project

Laila’s Love Initiative (LLI) is a non-profit organization committed to creating transitional programming & housing in under funded communities across America. LLI focuses on the development of sustainable habits and the process of “reigniting” honorably discharged veterans, victims of injustice and/or reform, substance & domestic abuse patients, and single parents in their lives.

Love Week

Love Week is a collective of event initiatives executed prior to and during ITW Festival Series. This interactive week brings a strong message to involve corporate entities to collectively engage in community enrichment. Love Week includes a creative expressions event, food and clothes drive, resource distribution, and Recycling Challenge across the host metropolitan area.

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